Shipping + Payment



Customer service request requirements

  • When contacting customer service, please send from the email address used during your order and reference the order invoice number.

  • Emails sent from an address not associated with the invoice in question will not be responded to.

  • We strive to respond to all valid requests within twenty-four hours, but please be patient as some periods of the year are busier than others.

  • As part of our corporate policy for customer interactions and quality assurance, as well as to ensure the privacy of communication with our customers, we require all interactions to go through email. We do not discuss order status, shipping details, package contents, or other topics on Internet forums or Discord.

When will my order be shipped?

Due to high order volume, our current processing queue is 2-3 business days. 

    What are your business hours? 

    Please note that we are not a 24-hour business. We typically do respond to email after business hours. 

    • Days of Operation: Monday - Friday 
    • Customer Service and Sales: 8am-4pm PST 
    • Order Fulfillment: 6am-2pm PST 
    • USPS Drop-Off Deadline: 4pm PST Weekdays 

    Will I receive e-mails confirming my order or tracking number?

    • You will receive several e-mails. First, an e-mail confirming that your order was placed, a Completed Order email once the order has finished processing, and then a Shipping update with your tracking number will be provided. 
    • We send emails confirming all aspects of your order. Sometimes these e-mails end up in your junk or spam folder – please check there if you did not receive any of them.

    Do you accept returns?

    • All sales are final. Returns are allowed only at the full discretion of the seller. Returns must be approved before being sent to us; otherwise, it will be refused.
    • We cannot accept returns for products that have been opened under any circumstances.
    • All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
    • Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

    How long does the shipping take? Is there tracking?

    • We do not have access to any information that you do not via the tracking information provided, and we do not have any control over the package once it leaves our hands. If you have questions regarding the tracking information, please contact the USPS.
    • USPS Priority:  All orders ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate will have tracking and delivery confirmation. You can track your package via the USPS website. USPS does provide delivery confirmation, but many times the shipment does not show up in tracking until it reaches its city of destination. Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to become available online. We’ve found orders shipped via Priority typically take 2-4 business days for delivery from the date shipped to the lower 48 United States. It is extremely common for the package not to update after leaving the origin state until it reaches the destination state as they are not always scanned in between.
    • Please note that while we guarantee delivery of package, and 2-4 business days for delivery is typical, we do NOT guarantee shipping times for orders shipped via USPS Priority. The USPS does not either. Priority packages are not considered lost and USPS claims are not accepted until there have been no updates for 10 business days.
    • When you buy any product from our site, we guarantee the order will be shipped to the address we are given. If the tracking shows it is delivered to the address we are given, from that point we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If the tracking shows your package was delivered but you claim it was not received we will not be able to reship – you must file a claim with the shipping company.
    • If the package is returned for any reason, a refund will be issued to the payment method used for the order, less shipping and restocking fee.
    • Shipping costs are not refundable. If we are given an incomplete or wrong address and the ordered is returned to us as a result, a refund will be issued for the order total less shipping. The customer will be responsible for placing a new order with new shipping fees. If the error was made on our part, we will pay secondary shipping fees or refund the cost of the entire order, at our discretion.

    My package was damaged in transit. What do I need to do?

    • If your package is damaged upon delivery, please forward pictures of the damaged packaging, contents, and any notices received from the shipping company. If you do not do this, we will not be able to reimburse you for any products damaged or missing as a result. 
    • Every order we send is insured by USPS, and taking and forwarding the pictures will ensure that a claim can be filed with USPS and your damaged items can either be refunded or replaced. We cannot guarantee any actions on behalf of the USPS.

    If I include delivery instructions in the Order Notes box, will they appear on the label or be used?

    • No, they will not. If you would like any information to appear on the label, you must put that information in the shipping address lines provided. 
    • We are not provided the option to give the delivery agent additional instructions, and we cannot guarantee they will honor special requests.

    What do packages from you look like? What appears on the return address?

    • We ship in plain USPS Priority Flat Rate packages, sized according to product dimensions and weight. 
    • The return address on the package appears with as "OA Shipping" and mailing address. 
    • All shipping labels are computer-generated and printed, and there is absolutely no indication of the contents on the outside of the package.

    Can I change my order after it has already been placed?

    • Sorry, but other than making changes to the shipping address, we do not have the ability to modify an order after it has been placed. 
    • If the order has not yet been processed, we can cancel the order and you can place a new order. 
    • Once an order has been processed (about the time the tracking information is sent) we cannot make any changes to the order, including but not limited to modifying the shipping address or cancelling the order.

    Do you offer coupon codes or discounts? Will you give me a coupon code if I ask via e-mail?

    • We occasionally offer discounts, which are listed on the Promos page.
    • The discount will apply when the coupon code is selected during checkout. 

    How do I go about subscribing to your e-mail list?

    • If you would like to be added, please email

    Can you apply a coupon after the order has already been placed?

    • We do not have the ability to modify an order after it has been placed aside from same-state shipping address changes. 
    • If the order has not yet been processed, we can cancel the order and you can place a new order. 
    • Once an order has been processed, we cannot make any changes to the order, including cancelling the order.

    Products & Use

    • The statements found anywhere on the site as well as any of the products sold on this site, have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We do not support the use of any of our products for illicit use. If we find out your intentions are for such purposes, we will not sell to you. 
    • If we learn of something of this nature after we have received payment, your money will be refunded and we will not ship the item. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and for any reason. Please respect these regulations.
    • Some products have a variety of uses. Some have not been approved by the FDA, and since we are not medical professionals, we cannot suggest or prescribe them for any such use. Please do your research before buying any of these products. Such products are sold without directions or claims, or in some cases not for human consumption. We therefore cannot answer any questions regarding those products or reply to any messages that indicate or hint at any use of a product in a manner contrary to which it is sold.
    • Organic Alkaloids must follow the laws of California, USA. Our website and online store are regulated by interstate commerce laws, which fall under United States of America federal law. Outside of the state of California, we cannot and are not making any claims as to the legality of any of the products we sell. It is the sole responsibility of each individual customer to comply with all laws and regulations of the particular jurisdiction which the customer is in.
    • We do not ship to the following locations: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Sarasota County FL, San Diego CA, Oceanside CA, Jersyville IL, or any other location that has banned a product we sell. Any attempt to have us ship to a prohibited locations will result in a permanent account ban. 

    Can I pick up my order in person? Can I order on the phone?

    • We are strictly an e-commerce store. We do not accept any orders or pickups at our location for any reason. 
    • All orders must be placed via our website and delivered by way of USPS Priority shipping. 

    Do you provide wholesale discounts?

    • If genuinely interested in wholesale, please send us an e-mail with approximate products/quantities interested in as well as where and how they will be re-sold.

    Why didn’t you reply to my e-mail?

    • Please see Products & Use. Also, if you are not willing to take the time to read and/or follow these directions, we may not be willing to take the time to reply. You must be a legal adult 18+ years of age to purchase from this website and we expect that you act accordingly. 
    • Dishonesty, rudeness, vulgarity, or being petty or unreasonable are also typically not responded to well, if at all. 
    • Additionally, it’s possible that your e-mail was either automatically flagged as spam or simply did not make it through. 
    • If using our online contact form, please include a valid email address in your comment or we will have no way to reply to you.

    Seller reserves the right to refuse sale or service to anyone for any reason.