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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about my order. What should I do?

As part of our corporate policy for customer interactions and quality assurance, as well as to ensure the privacy of communication with our customers, we require all interactions to go through email. We do not discuss order status, shipping details, package contents, or other topics on Internet forums or Discord.

  1. Prior to contacting us, please review the following pages for answers to common questions: 

The split kilo code isn't working. Are split kilos no longer available?

The split kilo code is no longer available. 

Shipping is too expensive - can you ship First Class rate instead of Priority?

We require tracking on all packages to ensure the delivery process meets our customer's expectations of service fulfillment as well as to ensure scammers cannot claim non-delivery; this means the less expensive First Class Package (non-trackable USPS delivery) shipping option is not available. 

None of the codes work. What's wrong?

All discount codes require that you are logged into a registered account prior to the checkout process.  

Is there a code for free shipping?

Free shipping is no longer available due to USPS onsite pickup restrictions. We ship based on package weight, which is variable for every transaction (depending on desired items) and lacks sufficient consistency for predictive analysis of operational profit margin.

Why is there a handling fee?

All orders have an additional handling fee of $5. This is due to time requirements for product fulfillment during the packaging and shipping process, which adds a cost overhead for our staff. 

Where is my order?

Please reference the sections entitled "When will my order be shipped?" and "Will I receive e-mails confirming my order or tracking number?" on the Shipping + Payment page of our website.